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Cute! Well played. She had a good release. (I saw you ask for it once, and she complied.)


I try and teach a release with the tug too. It puts some self-control into what could be a totally wild and crazy game. I have a friend with a young Mudi. She has done a great job with her, but Mudi's tend to be pretty reactive and very intense. She was complaining about how she goes wild with her tug toy. I asked her how well her dog releases the tug when commanded. She looked at me like I was crazy. I took that to mean that she didn't think it would be possible.

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Yes, that is fun! Enjoyed watching.

Thank you :)



Cute! Well played. She had a good release. (I saw you ask for it once, and she complied.)


I try and teach a release with the tug too. It puts some self-control into what could be a totally wild and crazy game.


I think Release the toy was the very first comand I thaught her. 11 week old pup, crazy energy, far from having all her shots, We did go out but did a lot of stuff at home, and the easiest way to burn some energy was tug, which she adored. As I can't play tug without a good release and some self control (I could, but don't like to) I thaught her drop it right away. She's good at it, although not absolutely fantastic, she does like to gnaw a bit at whatever we're playing with before letting go, just for half a second.



Haha!! Reminds me of my Aussie when we tug. Tess is so smart what a strong pup! Sorry if this is common knowledge but you training her for something specific?

I'm training Tess for life with me in the big wide world :) Meaning she goes with me everywhere so has to know how to properly behave in many different situations and places. So we train obedience, and also because it builds confidence, keeps her healthy and atletic and/or is just fun, we do obstacles, bitework, dogdisc, dockdiving, tracking games, swimming, fetch, tricks, long long walks... We both like adventure and diversity and I try to keep her days from being dull :). I don't care about us being very good at one thing (except obedience where she needs to be quite reliable in order to have lots of freedom), I prefer for her to be comfortable with a lot of different things... so, not the best at anything but successfull at several things. We have been to 2 herding clinics and it was the only activity she ever tried where she quite failed. Too much entusiasm, too litlle concentration, very focused on trying hard to bite the sheep. If we could have begun training at the apropriate age and do it regularly, maybe it had gone better, or maybe she just isn't very good at it :) Anyway, we can't really do herding on a regular basis, so it doesn't really matter.


So many words to say I'm just training her to be a well rounded dog :)

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Her favorite is probably frisbee, although she adores dockdiving and swimming in general. And she's always ready for a good game of tug, or fetching pinecones in the woods. I think she just loves anything that involves interaction with me AND an object, which includes all of the above. She does like trick training where she works for food, but I can see it's not the same as when her reward involves some kind of toy and we playing together. That's what she values the most.

Next I'm going to try Do-as-I-do with her, as it's the kind of thing she will ,love, but that's one of the reasons we are training more tricks, because although she knows a lot of commands not many can be demonstrated by me. It has to be things she does by herself or in interaction with an object, not things where she does a behaviour in relation to my body.

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