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Lost border collie OR/CA

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I was asked to post the following:


Cinnamon Red and White female border collie probably covered in Mud. Short coat, prick ears, full white collar. Slipped her collar and disappeared on East West Road (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway) near Hill Road (Sheepy Ridge). She's not interested in stock, please don't shoot her. She's more interested in keeping the truck seat warm while I'm busy. She is sweet and gentle. She's spayed meaning she cannot have puppies. She loves puppies and other dogs. She disappeared on Tuesday Dec 8th at night and was possibly seen by ranchers near the Old Camp on Hill Road. If you see her, don't wait, contact us anytime day or night. She is dearly missed by all of us.
12/14/15 Update: She was seen in Merrill, Oregon by my girlfriend who shooed her away by mistake.
12/14/15 Update: Seen in Hatfield crossing the canal towards Malin by clerks at the scales.
12/26/15 Update: She's been seen around town, skinny and fearful of humans.
Possibly sighted by Power company workers, unable to catch her.
1/13/16 false alarm at animal shelter in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Remains were not Dora.
She could be anywhere by now.
Contact us, drop her off or report her to the Tulelake Police Department, Klamath Falls Animal Shelter or Basin Border Collies in Klamath Falls Oregon.
There is a reward for her return.
We have other collies, Dora was the queen of their universe. Dora's disappearance has affected everyone. I'm sorry if I seem a bit manic, I've been searching for her since Dec. 8th and I won't stop until I've found her or her remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Carrie, Dora's Mom
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