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my 16 month old bc, Roxy, has been quite sneeky about getting out of the backyard. She manages to push the chain link up & out and then squeezes out under it. She only does this sometimes when we're not home and when we're doing work in the front yard. She is the first bc i've owned and i was wondering if anyone had tips on training her, stopping her behavior

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Is there any way you can not leave her in the yard unsupervised? Every time she escapes, she's reinforcing the behavior which makes the habit that much harder to break. If she is escaping under the fence, I know some people have extended the fencing with wire mesh about a foot down into the ground to prevent this kind of escape. Check the current thread in the General Discussion, called GREAT BC in need of a home!! Columbia has a list of things that can be done to keep a dog from jumping over a fence, but some of the techniques might be helpful with dogs getting under a fence.


There's a way to move a thread to a different board, because I think you might get more repsonses in the General BC Discussion area.

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