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2015 National Finals Videos - Price Reduced

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At this date, Catbird Video Productions has been named the Official Videographer for the 2016 USBCHA National Finals as well as the 2016 Bluegrass Classic. It is a great honor to work with these two prestigious events and we couldn’t be more excited! Even still, we are in discussions with the hosts for two more nationally renowned trials and hope to hear good news by the end of January.


So with that, an experiment!


The price of the 2015 USBCHA National Finals yearlong video rental has been dropped to $25.


This provides a 1 year online rental of 215 videos of the qualifying, semi-final, and final round runs as well as 4 Element videos. The Pen, Shed, Lift, and soon to come, the International Shed. Not only an excellent documentation of the action but an incredible learning opportunity for those trying to make their way to the top.


I am hoping this will encourage folks to rent the 2015 Finals as well as provide information to help me set pricing for 2016.


If there is enough interest in the 2015 Finals at $25 for the yearlong rental it will allow significant flexibility in pricing for 2016.


Lastly, if you have rented the videos at the $54 price point, THANK YOU for your support!!!! Also, please email me! dave@catbirdvideo.com.






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