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All of you on the forum a couple of years ago may remember that I was asking lots of questions about training a border collie. This was part of my research for a children's book I was writing. I'm really pleased with the way the book has turned out, and it has now been published by Birlinn in the UK. It would be a great present for children from 7 - 12, and the adults who have read it have also found it compelling -- one even called it a "classic."


Here's the blurb: After the death of his mother, eleven-year-old Josh goes to live with his uncle, Calum, who has a farm on a remote island. Uprooted and lonely, Josh finds solace in his love of animals. So one day, when he finds a tiny Border collie pup left to drown in the river, he decides to rescue it and keep it as his own. But money is scarce and a dog that can't earn her keep would not be welcome by Calum, and Josh must raise his new friend, Reggae, in secret. Josh knows he cannot keep her hidden forever - and decides that he will train her for the local Gathering. But the training is tough and time-consuming. Can Josh and Reggae bring it off in time?


It's available on Amazon or even better, you can order it at your local Waterstones.


As I remember it, BC forums gets a mention, as Josh, who is trying to learn how to train his dog, asks lots of questions on the forum!


The website for the book is www.thesecretdog.com.


Again, many thanks for all your help.





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Hi Joe,


Best wishes on the success of your book! I look forward to reading it.


It looks like you spent a lot of time learning about the training of stock dogs! They are fascinating dogs and it is something magical to be a part of or even just witness.

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Good luck with your book sales! As another asked, do you ship overseas? I see that it can be ordered from the website using PayPal, but am pretty sure you would need to charge more postage for those of us "across the pond." Please let us know the details, if this is an option, as I would love to order a couple of copies.

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