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Flies eating ears

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I have a GSD that is out all day while I'm at work. I have a problem with flies eating the tips of his ears. I've used Vaseline, skin so soft, have even sprayed them with horse fly spray. He then goes out and rolls and rubs his head to get it off.

This is not a problem with my Border Collie as she goes to work with me. But they don't seem to bother her even on the weekends,

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try?




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There is a horse product in a roller or dauber form for putting around horses' eyes. I wonder if you could try that and it would not be irritating? Or a product that is made to be applied to already-damaged skin, that will repel the flies but not bother his raw ears.


One problem with applying anything at this stage is that if his ears are already hurt and sensitive, any repellant product on damaged skin might be very irritating. What you might have to do is to provide an indoor place for him at least until his ears heal - crated, in an enclosed room, in an enclosed garage or breezeway, etc. Once they are healed, you might find a product that works and is not irritating.


And there's the alternative that if you can keep him confined during your workday safely and contentedly, you might just be able to do that in the future and so manage the problem out of existence.


Best wishes!

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So far they haven't really bothered him yet this year. But they have in the past an know they will get worse as summer goes along. He can stay in the house but he prefers to be out as he goes up to my parents ( who live right behind me) to visit and play with his mom. At night he is in the house.

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Try Swat or Farnham's Fly Off (I think that's what it's called). Both are products made for horses. They are ointments so not easily rubbed off and they do work. They just leave the ears greasy looking. Swat used to be pink, but now there's a clear version. I always keep one or the other of these two products on hand specifically to protect ears from biting flies.



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