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Hi All! Just needed to ask a quick Q.of Julie P. And Rebecca Shouse. Do you gals remember when Becca had that nice BBQ and work day at her place a number of yrs ago? We took a lot of pics that day, and Ive lost all my pics on a busted computer and can get them back. I brought my tools and table out and groomed Becca's Chinese crested and Laura;s little brown dog that day. I looked in the archives, but cant pin point the date. It seems like it was in june. Can u gals direct me to that thread or a date and I can find the pics? Thanks!


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I found this thread, but I don't see any pics of any clipped dogs.


http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=19726&hl= nc picnic


Anyway, it was in June 2008, picnic on the 21st, with photos posted around June 28. Hard to believe it was that long ago.


I found it by searching NC and picnic.



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Thank you for looking that up for me Julie, Id found that post too in my search, but there are not as many pics as I remember. But it was worth a try. Perhaps I can go back in my old blog around that date and see if I have any in there. Think I was still blogging fairly regular then. Been enjoying the pics of your young dogs. Be fun to see how they progress. Thanks again! :)

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