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What color would you call this?

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I just got my first BC, and am wondering what color you guys think he is. My agility coach saw a plea on facebook from someone (friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing) that needed someone to take him. When he was sold to his original owners (we don't know them) they were told he is a "mini border collie" (which I know there is no such thing as a "mini"). He could be a mix, could be PB. Do you think he is a mix or purebred, and if purebred what color would you call him? All the pictures I've seen of a seal border collie match him almost exactly, although I know that's rare. The parts on him that have a shaded brown hue to it the fur is black at the bottom and the tips are brown. The brown is the strongest on his neck and shoulders. Any ideas? He looks black and white from far away, but when you get close you notice the brown.







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We're guessing he's around 11-12 weeks old, and last Friday (2/6) was 13 lbs and 13.5" tall. He's averaging about 2 lbs and 1" a week right now. Where to start with personality. :) Super sweet and loves people and snuggling, but also is full of energy and loves to play. He runs like a bullet and is extremely smart, whenever the food comes out he is constantly offering different behaviors I've taught him. And yes, super, super cute. ;)


He started completely black/white, the brown has grown in in the last 2-3 weeks.

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I have no idea what colour he is but he sure is a handsome one!!




My Juno is pure black and white but one day I discovered that all her black hair has a very dark reddy brown in it that only shows up in the sun. Her mum was all reddy brown.

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Tico now has most (if not all) of his adult fur in (earlier than we were thinking). A lot of people who meet him think he is a GSD mix because of the brown fur on him, but other than the brown fur I don't see anything that matches a GSD (or another breed for that matter). Does he look like he has any GSD in him to any of you? Or do you see another breed in him other than BC? He acts like a border collie, just a few minutes ago he did the BC crouch and started moving toward one of my other dogs (who was far away in the yard) like you see BC's herding (sorry if I'm missing a technical term for that). One person commented that it looks like his head is too small for his body (dis-proportioned). Here are some updated pix of him, he still has the brown on him, although it's mellowed out just a tad. You can still see the brown in any light (outside, inside etc). Do y'all still think he's a seal? Sorry for all the questions, just very curious with him. It's fun taking guesses on what he'll look like when he's older, because we have no clue about his history or lineage. :)






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Well, then there could still be huge changes in his appearance before he's done growing.


I adopted what I thought was a border collie puppy when she was 6 months old. She grew up to be a lurcher. :P I still think she may be half border collie, but there's definitely sighthound in her.

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