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Found a new TV programme

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Not so new..it's actually series 7, but it usually focuses ( unsurprisingly as it's BBC Alba) on the Scottish circuit, with the last few episodes showing that year's International .


This year, it has already shown runs from the 2014 Scottish National (won by Julie Hill with Ban) and the first 2 days on the International.


This week (shows Tuesday with repeat on Sun) I beleve that it's showing some extracts of runs for the 2014 Supreme..


The programme lasts 1 hour and they tend to show bits from 6-7 runs plus interviews plus 'banter' between the 2 presenters... (With subtitles). So you only get very edited 'highlights of the runs themselves.. .but it does mean that there are at least some sheepdog trials still shown on British TV.


Next week (17th Feb) first of 2 episodes focusing on last year's World Trial.

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I know it's not new new, just new to me. Should have made that clear. I found it a few weeks ago when there was really nothing else on.


Good to put faces to names of people I don't know and spot some of the people I do recognise.

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