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My Name is Ryan and I just recently joined the boards. We are hoping to pick up a new 1 year old Border Collie in the next week or so. We currently have a Blue Heeler/ Border Collie mix. I currently work in the emergency/ critical care unit of a specialty vet hospital. I have worked in the vet field for about 6 years now and have worked as a trainer on the side a bit. Some basic obedience work, some agility, some behavior modification stuff for aggressive or fearful dogs. I am hoping with this next Border Collie to get into Drug detection or search and rescue ( or both?) Does anyone have any helpful links or information for me to look into regarding this? I miss being able to train on a regular basis. Our current Blue Heeler is CGC and Therapy certified with TDI and will be visiting children's hospitals. She is extremely laid back and relaxed but I am hoping this new one will have the energy I am looking for.

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