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Hi Everyone,


I was just wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for any attention/focus games. I currently do a name game where I lure my dogs gaze away from me then I say his name. Once his eyes meet mine I click & treat. It has been helpful, but I think I need to try something new. Basically, I would like to find more ways to teach him that when I say his name, he should look at me. He does great with the name game at home, but that is because any reward will work. But once I go outside he doesn't do so well. We practice the name game outside, but it just isn't as interesting to him as everything else.


Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!

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As far as your name game goes, the change from inside the house to outside is way too big of a jump for it to be successful. You need to bridge the gap if you want to be able to get his attention in such a highly distracting environment. You can make the inside of your house more distracting little by little and then move to somewhere outside that is very quiet and not distracting (a backyard would work, or you could use a public indoor place without many people), and then gradually find more and more distracting places.

Honestly working on any command in this manner is going to end up becoming an attention/focus game.

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