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Very Busy Blue Merle. (Take Dramamine before watching.)

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I was thinking "Yeah that's pretty clever..." and then the backflips started. I love that in every shot you can see where Zoe is looking. :)


I've often wondered about how a video from the dog's view instead of the humans' would be, for tricks, agility and herding. Perhaps with GoPros becoming more prevalent, we could someday have a Zoe's eye view.

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This has always been my favourite trick video. I'm a sucker for good camerawork too, so maybe that's it.


This one is my second favourite (only because it's not strictly tricks):

Yes, this is really fun. But my all-time favorite is this one - I can't see how anybody would not walk away with a smile after watching this - editing, shooting and the sheer joy of the dog...

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