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Sit or down at a distance

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Pearl used to do that also. I put her on her leash, gave her the sit command then tied the leash to a spike driven in the ground, gave the stay command and moved a few feet away and gave the sit command. when she would do that i would untie her then play for a few minutes then tie her up again, increase the distance and repeat.when she had mastered that i found i could use a "staysit" command. After 5 years i now usually give a "stay" hand signal then verbal "sit" when i need to reenforce the sit at distance command

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Hand signals. Also you could work on putting her in a sit-stay and then walking away from her, when you're a good distance away, you can call her using your voice and hand signal and while she is half-way to you, put her in a down stay...this is very useful thing to learn if your BC ever needs to get into an emergency down position.


Piper learned it almost immediately (except then she would ooze towards me on her belly :rolleyes: ) so we worked on that too.

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