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Overnight transformation

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My boy went to sleep as a sweet puppy last night and woke up a teenager this morning! He will be 7 months old next week, I thought I had another month or two until this phase. :( How am I going to survive the next year? :D


On a slightly happier note I was looking back into his pedigree and found he comes out of Rockin' G Spurs! This explains why he wants to herd all the things. HERD.ALL.THE.THINGS. Yes, I realize he is a border collie and that's what they do, but honestly, my first BC did not have such a strong instinct, he was so laid back. I seem to have gotten a complete opposite of my first and it is really challenging me.

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Mya has been on destruction mode for months it seems. . She shreds all her toys (luckily nothing else she shouldn't like furniture or shoes). I even got one of those heavy braided knot ropes someone said she couldn't destroy. She had it shredded in like 10 minutes. . I have no idea what toys to get for her now. . She will be 1 on 2 weeks. .

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I got 10month old Juno two frisbees on Saturday. They didn't last 10 minutes. At this point she has no toys because she will eat them all. We even had to take away the heavy duty Kong. Once she starts at something it is like her mission to destroy it. She gets a lot of rawhides from Brazil which I realize aren't the greatest but she needs to chew. She also has a big deer antler which keeps her busy as well. Her favorite and longest lasting toys were a plastic drainpipe (4 feet long like a slinky) and a big plastic shovel but even these were destroyed eventually. She had the greatest time with the drainpipe. I joined the ends together to make a big circle and she used to roll it and toss it all over the place but eventually she chewed it so much the sharp edges became a danger to everyone in the vicinity. I am also wondering when all this chewing will end so I can get her some toys to play with.


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