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Any shipping companies that are recommended?


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Hi there,

I guess I am posting this in the ask the expert area hoping that more sheepdog trailers who might have imported dogs would be in this forum. If one is considering importing a border collie from the UK are there any pet shippers that you have used and would recommend? and what things do I need to know about shipping a dog internationally? Is there a minimum age which is considered "old enough" to bear the stress of international flight travel?


Thank you.



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Dear Karen,

Skymasters (Manchester airport) picked up two dogs in Newton Stewart, supplied crates and put them on United for $1733. They were helpful and easy to deal with. Make your life easier by having the dog microchipped over there and a rabies shot 30 days prior to flight.


Donald McCaig

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I have used Airpets before and was very happy with their service - they gave me a really good "to do" list and have their own vet on-site at Heathrow. I can't remember the exact cost, but as I recall, it was around $1100 for two puppies from UK to Halifax who could travel in one crate together. That did include insurance and door-to-door service. Puppies arrived happy, healthy and remarkably stress-free.


Good luck.



Also, FWIW, I would go sooner rather than later - no earlier than 8 weeks, no later than 16 ish (or whenever is the earliest you can get a rabies shot and live out the wait period)- that is sort of the magic period, in my experience, where they are still fearless and extremely resilient. Too much younger and they might become physically stressed and too much older and they might develop fear issues. YMMV.

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