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Puppy games?

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Hi all. New to the forum new bc person. Love my Tobe who is three months old. He has had two obedience classes and can sit stay heel walk on my right in a heel. We take at least three 1/4 mile walks a day. Play various games like broomball. little bit of tug at trainers advice, even though every thing I've read is contrary. Would like to teach him to herd then on to geese harassing. I plan to get a second dog from rescue and eventually have a business controlling Canadian geese on our local property and lakefront homesites. That's the future - how do I entertain and tire out my einstein now? Know any games? He already knows 5 toys by name. He knows I am alpha in all ways I walk through all doors, go up steps first. etc . but he is still biting and nipping. I try momma dog corrections, and even full body throat charges, growling no bite. .

MY ?? year old hands cant take the abuse of these razor sharp teeth. Thanks - look forward to a reply.

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Not sure about puppy games, but sounds like the puppy is teething...substitute your fingers for an appropriate chew toy....something that worked with Jazz was a big 'ouch' when his teeth contacted my skin ..then a chew toy instead.

Oh, one game I've heard of is teaching the puppy to put his toys away....of course, around my place, one puts them away while the other is taking them back out :rolleyes:

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Hi. I taught my pup to catch - I didn't use a ball, I used stuffed toys. Actually they are stuffed rings - I think that made it easier for him. And I was careful about it - he had to sit and I threw them so that he could catch them in his sitting position. I have 3 of them and would throw them in sucession. He would drop the one he was holding for the next one. So he learnt "catch" and "drop".It was really good for him to have learned "drop" that way. He loved and still loves a game of catch - and you can vary it with all kinds of rules. Be careful not to make him jump though. What is broomball ? Can your pup retrieve ? I taught mine using a tug rope - play tug, throw it - he brought it back and invited me to play again. Presto ! I didn't use any language until he was bringing it back for sure, then taught "get it".And he has been fine with tug - he has to take the rope gently and drop it whenever I say - and he does. Dylan puts his toys away too. What else ? Hide and seek is great - you'll need someone to hold your pup at first and make it easy by calling his name. Our pup loved that and still does. Now my husband will hide in the woods and Dylan finds him so quickly ! And I hide his food in the garden - I make him wait inside and put the food into 5 or so packets that he has to find and rip open. I also use tennis balls with a hole cut in - he gets dry food. It is the same priciple as a buster cube but tennis balls are cheap and you can split the food up and hide it too !That keeps him busy for a while ! He is so funny though - just lies there patiently while I'm making up the parcels and pouring food into his tennis balls !( Oh, I started off hiding his food in little plastic trays in obvious places and made it gradually more difficult ). I think making his dinnertimes fun/challenging is good. Dylan probably spends 40 minutes to an hour a day on his "meals". Good luck !

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