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Mistys first fun match :p

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my mom has been taking Misty to agility classes with her puppy Blair(there are 2 classes in a row) she was taking her puppy, but already did agility classes with perky and Ripley, and shadow, and Happy already knows agility so she took my baby. anyway Misty has only been doing agility for 3 classes, but she is doing amazing, perfecting tunnel, dogwalk, A-frame, jumps,table and tire within 20 minuts, in the next class she learned weave, and teeter, and the 3ed she learned jump patterns(just being aware, doing a seris of jumps in a circle kinda thing)lol she did better then the advanced dogs on that one! so on sunday we are going to a fun match, and I get to see just how good my baby is at agility!

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That is so neat! I hope Tess picks up on things that fast. My husband is building us an agility course at home so that I can get Tess used to seeing the obstacles before we see them in class with a bunch of strangers (Tess is mortified of strangers!). Tess also is a HUGE fan of the tunnel. She thinks that is just an awesome game, especially where my husband or I appear at the other end, like magic. (:


Allie & Tess

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Im back! lol and here is how it went, first off Misty was amazingly well behaved, lol I mean her kennel was parcticaly on the coarse(the back of the van was backed up over the time keepers and scribes because of heavy rain, uh the hatch was up over the chairs I mean lol) anyway misty remained calm and quiet in her kennel, meanwhile all the other dogs were barkings idiots lol my mom ran her in pre-starters regular but misty did exacly what she is trained to do...ignore didtractions and focas on ME. lol my mom was bribing her with hotdogs through the whole thing because misty kept looking at me. lol so then I ran her in pre starters touch'n'go she took 6th out of 10 pretty good considering it was the first time I have ever handled her in agility lol but a BJ who this was also a first after only doing agilty a couple of times, took first place with a time of 29.66 :eek: lol Mistys time was only 49 seconds lol but that was only because she kept jumping off the dogwalk, not sure what the heck that was about... but after the match I took misty out on the coarse to work on her dogwalk first time she was not doing it right, after that she did it perfect every time, but of coarse wont do anything right until it does not count anymore lol but otherwise her run was clean, and thats more then I can say for happy.. lol oh sure happy is fast, but she NEVER runs clean.

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