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I tried searching "Ohio rescue" (no hits) and "Ohio" (too many hits), so figured I'd go directly to the source.


If anyone can recommend a reputable rescue in Ohio, I'd be grateful. A former student (now working in Cincinnati) emailed me to say (among other things): "One of my coworkers has a friend that is trying to find a home for a 6 year old border collie and I thought you might know someone who might be interested. The lady has two little kids and I think it’s just too much for her, but she wants to find her dog a really good home."

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There is Buckeye Border Collie Rescue (www.buckeyebcrescue.org) but I can neither recommend or not as I am not familiar with them. Try contacting Sarah Ruckelshaus (Mid-Atlantic BCR - she's on Facebook) and she might be able to make a recommendation of a rescue in Ohio or nearby.


There are also a couple in Michigan if that's an option - Michigan BCR and Great Lakes BCR. Again, I have no familiarity with either.

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