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Not much going for that dog on the face of it.


It's a merle and it belongs to a pet obedience trainer who is new rather than old school. Note that it doesn't mean she isn't prepared to shout at the dog, as you will see.


I've tried to find out where she got the dog but so far without success. Not impossible that it could be from a working or watered down working background. There are major final winners in the UK who aren't averse to letting their dogs be used at stud by the sort of sport breeder reviled on here,


And yet Thomas Longton (very successful trialler for many years and local to me) has high praise for its natural ability. There isn't a hint of breedism in his comments.


It almost tempts me to try it, Maybe I will when Thomas follows through with his threat to think about "trying this agility lark".


The dog has gone on to trial and seems to be doing well.

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