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help! nervous dog!

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Hi I have a three year old male Borde Collie called Alfie. He gets stressed when visitors come in to our house and will lick the floor and whine constantly until they leave. Any tips on this? Dont want to give up on him.


Alfie also has issues with the tv. Doesnt matter whats on it. he will jump at it all the time and doesnt seem to learn not to, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would recommend either crating the dog or putting her in a closed room. if you think she would enjoy the company from a distance you could try the crate, with some yummy or interesting treats or toys, in the room with you so she could watch but not be forced to interact. if she starts feeling less stressed, after time-not in one evening, you could try leaving the crate open so she could go in if feeling stressed. I usually put my dogs away when we have more than 2 or so people over. they get stressed/excited and I just don't want to worry about anything besides entertaining the company. any kids and they automatically get put in the bedroom. one gets just too nervous around kids and the others may nip their wild movement.

as for the tv, I'd still try the crate. put her in it with cool toys-food stuffed or otherwise, in the tv room. as she gets used to being comfortable around it you can leave it open so she can come and go as she pleases. she may not tho and might just prefer to lie in the bedroom while you watch. good luck.

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