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"The Shepherd" - a short film

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I went to Vimeo to watch the trailer for "The Shepherd," and found a number of other trailers/films about shepherds in England, Kyrgyzstan, and Idaho. I put links up on my blog with lots of pics.




Too much stuff to post here... Sorry about the extra click to see them.

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Nicely done video, The Shepherd, and enjoyed it over coffee this morning. Thanks for linking all the various clips. I want that dramatic theme music in the background when I take my dog out for a work. The local orchestra's rates are going-up all the time, and I can't get them out in inclement weather B) .


For the most part the dogs were natural/flowing, and a joy to watch. The first dog seemed a little over-commanded, but it may have been for the camera(s) to get the action they were looking for. They just seem so effortless, as if they could work all day. Good dogs make it look easy.


I liked the segment with the LGD in the front and border collie tidying up the rear. That scenario is not uncommon -- two breeds of dog, and sheep interacting -- the dogs alone managing/moving the flock for extended periods. Yet it never fails to impress me. Good looking healthy sheep. --Thanks, TEC

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