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Help with a young border collie

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I have a border collie and she is about 6 1/2 months old, for the most part she is pretty calm in the house (unless you get her going with toys but even then she calms down really quickly when you are finished) , and she isn't overly destructive except for destroying every single stuffed animal that we buy for my other dog. However, nightime is a different story, she will chew open small holes in my pillows and remove the feathers, I thought I had stopped the problem but she recently started again. I was already planning on asking if she was getting enough excersice and now I'm wondering if excersice might be why she is chewing pillows.

First thing in the morning she goes for a 1/2 hour walk to a nearby park with my sisters golden retriever were they walk/play off the leash for around 15min

Here second walk is around 3:30ish once again with my sisters dog for about an hour, and we usualy stop for the to play in a soccer field for a good long time

and then right before bed I usually take her for about 15-30min walk depending on how much excersice she had that day.

So do you think that is enough excersice for her? and if shes getting enogh excerise could she be chewing pillows because she isn't mentally stimulated if so what do you use to stimulate your dogs mentally

Sorry its so long thanks for any help

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I would vote for needing more mental stimulation--teach tricks, obedience, anything that will use her mind. Providing lots of physical exercise can just create a dog who demands lots of exercise, and she's still young enough that you don't want to overstress growing bones/joints with excessive exercise.


Second, if she's chewing things at night, then she's not ready to be allowed the freedom of being loose in the house at night. If you have crate trained her, then she can sleep in her crate at night (and if you haven't crate trained her, you should). You could also try giving her something suitable to chew (either in or out of the crate), like a stuffed frozen kong, a cow hoof, a bully stick, etc.



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Everything that Julie said! There are a lot of topics here that cover crate-training and the benefits of using a crate for potty-training, teaching quiet time, teaching night-time is quiet time, preparing a pup for a possible emergency or vet visit or trip that requires confinement, and avoiding destruction when supervision is not an option.


Plus, she's maybe a bit young for that amount of walking, particularly if it is on pavement or other hard surfaces. You will find that a pup gets more tired from mental exercise (as Julie pointed out, training manners and tricks) than physical exercise. A pup needs a reasonable amount of both.


Welcome, and good wishes!

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I completely agree with what has been said and wanted to add that a pup that age does need to chew, A LOT. My boy was a chewing *fiend* from 6mo -12 mo. At that age a good, long, chewing session can actually tucker a pup out. I like bully sticks, raw bones, antlers, nylabones, rawhide (FYI there is controversy about the safety of rawhide)... basically anything that will last for a long time and give their jaws a serious work-out.


Also, I have to admit, chewing pillows open and hurling the feathers everywhere sure sounds like a lot of fun (especially if you are a dog). :P I would make sure she's never in a position to gut another pillow. Not to say she'd be a pillow murderer forever if she gutted just.one.more but it does make the behavior more ingrained. Prevention is key on this one. In the crate at night she won't have access to the pillows, but during the day I'd make sure they are out of reach unless you are there to supervise and re-direct her to a more appropriate thing to chew on.


Sounds like she's got quite the life with lots of walks and dog pals! You guys must be having a blast... do we get to see pictures?? :D

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