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Hi. I have a 13 month old border collie. Best, smartest dog ever in my opinion. As winter is fast approaching, I have taught him to walk on the treadmill we have at home. Although I have to say it was more of him hopping on and walking then me "teaching" anything. But the only way he will stay on is if I am feeding him treats every 5-10 seconds. While I start to wean him off of that( and I have only had him do it a few minutes at a time) do you think there would be a problem if I fed him his breakfast and dinner kibble while walking? I have it on the slowest speed until he becomes accustomed to the movement. I hope to work up to 15 min sessions so when it's icy of below zero, I can shorten up the outside walks. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Meg uses the treadmill. She usually goes 15-20 minutes at 3-4 mph, part of that with the incline. She'd go more if I'd let her but I need a turn too. :)


Treats are great motivation, but if he's comfortable with the treadmill, I'd try increasing the speed a bit to see if that holds his attention (just a faster walk). It could be he doesn't stay on because he's bored. Meg does not do under 2.5 mph...its too slow for her. Also watch his gait on the treadmill. There are some speeds that do not feel natural to Meg and her movement gets 'off'...but if we speed up or slow down a bit, she does fine.


AND...make sure you are letting him know when you change the speed or stop the treadmill so he has an idea of whats coming. With Meg, I just say "Let's go faster" or "Easy". Really, you just need to get his attention so he knows a change is coming. I also use these cues in Rally and Agility so there's an added bonus of practicing them at a time when I control the speed.

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