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  1. I just ordered the Click to calm book last night. I have Controlled unleashed already. I hadn't thought of using look at that for the barking since it's so hard to predict when she's going to bark..... I will have to re-read that book and see how I can make that work. Right now we are just reacting to the barking.... It's so annoying .....even though I know that's not an effective way to deal with it. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Help! I have 3 border collies. They are fantastic but I probably got them a little too close together. My biggest issue is with the youngest. She just turned 1 and she is quite....vocal. She barks at everything. Dogs barking on tv, people walking upstairs....pretty much any noise she hears. It's pretty annoying and I'm not sure how to handle it. Any suggestions?
  3. Success! I made up a bed for me on the couch....she played with the other two pretty hard from about 10-11pm then put everyone to bed. I put her crate right next to me on the couch. Put my hand inside for a min and she passed out cold. One whine...woke up at 3:30 and took her out to potty..back to sleep until 6:30. Whoo hoo!
  4. I will get the xpen out today and try that. Im ok with the not sleeping(hubby has been good so far but he does have to work 12 hrs today-ouch). I've just had dogs probably the past 20 years and have never encountered this particular challenge. My others have protested then quieted down until their 1am potty break. Then back in-not interaction like mentioned above) until 4am. After a few weeks I move to a 3-4am potty break and keep it there until they can hold it longer. She clearly wasn't paying attention on the way home when I explained the program. Lol. I may just have to set up a bed downstairs for a week or two so hubby can sleep. She is just 8weeks old.....I'm home most of the time-I'm taking a class 2x a week so she will be crated and alone for about 2 1/2 hrs starting Thursday. Luckily my neighbors work. It has been pretty upsetting to my other two...not sure what I can do about that.
  5. So I think there may be some separation anxiety going on..... Last night I put her in her crate. Went upstairs and after listening to the crying, went down to check on her. My other two dogs were crated in the same room with her and the night before were really stressed out from the crying. I took her out and she was covered in drool. She drooled on the way home after picking her up so I'm pretty sure it's a stress response. I took her out to potty and then brought her upstairs with me(terrible choice I know but I was so tired and my husband had to get up to work this morning) I waited until she was calm then tried to put her in the crate by my bed. You would have thought I shot her. Instantly crying. So I brought her back up with me. Unfortunately my house isn't big enough to put her someplace where we won't hear her. Today I'm going to work on having her in the crate several time throughout the day but with me in the room and try to maybe walk out for a few min once in a while. I understand that it will take some time....does anyone have any suggestions for night time while I work this out? I don't mind leaving a puppy who is just unhappy cry it out but I am a little worried about the drooling and panting....I don't want to make a situation worse.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm going to move a crate into our room tonight. My husband is a light sleeper and works a couple 12 hour days.....we only have a queen size bed so we usually take turns with the two older dogs sleeping with us. If I could convince one or both of them to sleep in their dog beds on the floor it would be easier. Our room isn't big enough for three crates........
  7. I have always crate trained my dogs but have never had a night quite like last night. I added a third puppy to my pack yesterday. I have Scout who is 2 and Lucy who is 8 months. My new girl is 8 weeks. She went into the crate at 10pm and my alarm was set for 1am to get up and take her out. Although my other two don't always sleep in their crates anymore, we put them in them last night and they were all in the same room. We thought that would make her more comfortable. Everyone went to bed and turned their fans on. She was still crying at 1am. My husband never fell asleep so he said he would go down to let her out to potty. I fell back asleep with my alarm set to 4. Woke up and realized he never came back. He took all three dogs out and slept on the couch with them. He said the new baby snuggled up to Scout and instantly fell asleep. So now she has learned that if she cries long enough someone will come snuggle up with her. Sigh. Neither of my other two had that much stamina. They would cry for a few minutes then give up. I plan on working with her today on the crate not being a bad place....any other suggestions? She's just little so i really don't want to leave stuffed kongs at night....
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Instead of the full court press I was going to do with her, I'm going to go a little more slowly but still get her out and about more then I do now. But short trips where I leave hopefully before she starts barking at people. She is so stinking cute it's hard for people not to look and go "awwww" and reach for her. So far I've been pretty good at stopping people before they get too close......thanks for all the suggestions and hope. She will probably never be like my big goofball Scout who never saw a person he didn't want to give a big sloppy kiss too......but I'm ok with that. I just don't want her to always be scared.
  9. I have a 7 month old female BC. I got her at 8 weeks, then a month later took a temporary job. It was not my plan when I got her to go back to work but sometimes life happens. Anyway, she did not get the amount of socialization that my first BC received. She has always been slightly shy around people-submissive urination when people come over etc. I did have her in puppy class where she did quite well, but then my training facility moved and remodeled and I have been waiting for them to reopen the middle of this month. Lately, instead of just running into the other room-she has started barking at visitors. The first time this happened, I was upstairs. When I came downstairs, my husband was holding her and basically forcing her to say hi. She was very uncomfortable. He put her down and she ran to me. I told my husband to never force any interaction with anyone. Sigh. Anyway, the job is over and socialization is my number one priority. I know that I missed the crucial window-she was socialized quite a bit but clearly not enough. I took her to Petsmart today with some shredded chicken in my pocket. We walked thru the store and she did fine. No barking. I would have her stop and sit now and then and give her chicken. If we walked by someone and she didn't shy away I praised her and gave her chicken. Then I messed up. I should have left while things were going well, but instead I stood by the checkout-about 15 feet away. Around the corner came a giant beagle who barked at her. She did bark back and then for the next 2 min she pretty much barked at every person she saw. Big big sigh. I left wishing I had left 3 min before. I am not one to encourage strangers to interact with my dog so the fact that she's not all wiggly and wanting people to pet her is fine with me. But I do need to teach her not to bark at people. I also don't want to overwhelm her. What I have been doing when people come over since the barking started is playing ball with her. Having the visitor throw the first ball then letting her bring it back to me or them. Or crating her for the initial 20-30 min then letting her out. She does eventually stop the barking and while I wouldn't say warms up-when my son had a friend over by the end of the night she was snuggling with him on the couch. So I know she has the ability to overcome this. Besides what I am doing now, does anyone have any tricks to help me help her become more comfortable around strangers?
  10. She doesn't always do it, but with my stepdaughter for some reason she does it every time. I have company coming over tonight, but because my 7 year old niece from Taiwan with very little exposure to dogs will be here, I'm going to keep her crated and out of the way. My older border needs to work on his greetings as well.....he loves to give kisses and although I love them-my guests aren't always as appreciative. I'm going to do some "set ups" next week with my dad and brother. I think they will be my best shot at the completely ignore her part.... My kids friends all just want to cuddle her because she's so darn cute. I will take her outside before they come and instruct them to pretend she doesn't exist until she asks for attention and even then don't look straight at her. It's good to hear that most dogs outgrow this....
  11. Thanks for the advice! All great ideas. I think I will start taking her outside to potty as soon as we hear the knocking/doorbell, then when back inside even if she approaches the guest I'm going to have them ignore her. My older one gets so excited for company I think that's why she approaches probably before she really ready. So I think ignoring him too for a min is a great idea as well. It will hopefully help,him to calm a little. Not everyone loves those dogies kisses like me.
  12. Hi I am wondering if anyone has any tips for me. I have 2 border collies. A 2 year old male who is just fantastic. Awesome running partner, we take agility classes and I can trust him off leash. He loves people. He is tolerant of dogs-likes to sniff hello and then moves on. Overexcited at agility matches but manageable. I also have a 6 month old female. Very very submissive. Sweet as can be and has captured my heart. But of course is very different from my male. And unfortunately a month after getting her I went back to work temporarily. I am home now and hope I haven't completely messed her up because of my work and family responsibilities. I have taken her to puppy class and she did fairly well. My training facility is in the midst of a move and I have been unable to attend the limited class schedule because of my work and family obligations. So her timid ness has escalated. Basically on a walk, while she used to avoid people who were on the sidewalk-now she will walk by and not really pay attention to them which is good. But when someone comes into the house-she sometimes barks and then will urinate. Especially with my stepdaughter-she comes over often. She doesn't bark at her anymore-but today for example went to say hi and then peed on her shoes. I don't force interactions and I tell visitors to just ignore her-but then she usually will approach and when they respond to her-she pees. She's only 6 months old so I am hoping that I can help her over come this. I don't force interactions. It's always her choice and I never stop on walks-most people just say beautiful dogs and I thank them and move on. I am home now and have the ability to spend a lot of time with her and am looking for ways to build her confidence. Hopefully I can get her back into classes after the first of the year-but in the meantime any suggestions? Thank you I advance. Sorry for the long post.....
  13. Thanks for the replies. I am going to separate them for potty times and keep a closer eye on their interaction in the house. My puppy is very very submissive and I guess I would say I'm seeing my boy show a more dominant side that I'm not used too. He has a rock solid leave it so I may start with that. I also think I need to spend some more alone time with each dog. I recently started a part time job( the timing sucked with the puppy but sometimes life throws curve balls) and I admit I'm still working all the kinks out managing my time. Most of the time they get along great.
  14. I have a 2 yr old male and a 5 month old female. Both full BC's and I love them dearly. Here is my problem. My older BC is being a bully (I think that's the best way to describe it) when my puppy wants to go and out of the house-as well as at times in the house but not often. Here's what happened this morning. I got up and let the puppy out of her crate. We go straight to the back door-my boy was loose and he was waiting for us at the door. I open the door and out he goes. She followed-instead of running off the patio to do his business-he waited and when she tried to get by, he kinda snapped at her-I'm pretty clueless about herding but it sure looked like a herding behavior to me. He tail went between her legs and she went around the hot tub(I assumed to the yard) and a minute later was back at the door. She came inside and went into the kitchen and peed on the floor. I said "ahahahh" and picked her up and put her outside. Clearly my potty training mistake-I should have followed outside and I know better. I've thought she had the potty outside thing down but clearly not. The behavior with my boy has been going on for awhile....it's not an everyday thing and until this morning I didn't realize what a big problem it could turn into. Any suggestions on how to get him to stop pushing her around?
  15. I have been sleeping with him.....not a great plan I admit but he barks and barks and barks literally all night long if he's in his crate. Even if his crate is right next to me in our room. His bark is truly impressive. I'm at home with him, so I can nap but my husband has to get up for work everyday and needs sleep. As he's gaining some confidence and trust for us, I was thinking I need to start with the crate again. I just don't want to set him back. I wish I had a room I could leave him in, but I don't and although house training is going great.....it's more because I am trained to let him out....he really hasn't given me a sign yet that he needs to go out. And I haven't gotten to know him well enough to trust he won't eat the couch....
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