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I ordered and received. "First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training" .


I loved it and learned so much. I have been to Jack Knox and Lyle Lad clinics and learned more from the DVD. Why? Because at a clinic things go so fast, with dogs working, it is difficult to see every move, mistake and success. In these DVD's they do slow motion and even stop to explain exactly what is going on every step of the way in easy simple terms. Perfect for a novice handler. There is even a chapter on starting puppies.


They use different levels of dogs and even show dogs that have never been to sheep before training. They use dogs with different issues (Strong dogs, sticky dogs, less confident dogs) to show you how to deal with them. Also how to use your voice to encourage or correct and the fine line between a correction while still encouraging the dog to work.


There is also a lesson on whistle's and how to use them and one of all the different types of sheep and how they react with dogs.


I loved the DVD's so much, I also signed up for the website. I get all the online video tutorials now to watch as much as i want. And it only cost me about $5/month.


The blog is also excellent and gives a lot of info on trialing, sheep and much more.


I highly recommend this DVD for novice handlers wanting to learn.


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