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I know this Forum isn't specifically for Frisbee Competitions, but I did not know where else to place this.


Anyway, I was wondering what the standard Frisbee/Disc is used in Frisbee Competitions.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank You,



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Most competitions (at least the ones I've been to) are SkyHoundz competitions: http://skyhoundz.com/


"At all Skyhoundz Championships, Skyhoundz DiscDogathon Championships, and Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance Championships competitors may, in their sole discretion, elect to use Hyperflite discs of any size or weight or any solid plastic disc that was designed specifically for canine use. Discs from different manufacturers and of different sizes and weights may also be mixed and matched at the discretion of each competitor."


At every Local Championship I've been to, they give you a Frisbee to use, if you'd like.


I like the Hyperflite discs. I have several of the SofFlite discs, a Midnight Sun (glow in the dark), and several of the Standard Competitions discs.

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Yes and no. The idea is the same (you throw, dog anticipates where the disc will go and catches it). Most dogs transition fairly easy. Meg would only play with fabric discs at first and took a while to transition to plastic. If your dog hasn't played with a hard disc you may have to back up a bit so she/he knows what it is and how to pick it up if/when it lands on the ground.


Throwing a competition disc (in the direction, with the speed and height you're aiming for) is going to take some practice. Its a bit more challenging (at least for me) to throw a competition disc than a fabric disc. Fabric discs tend to be a bit more forgiving and will straighten out some on their own in the air (well, the ones we play with do anyhow). Competition discs require more of a precise throw, but will go further with more accuracy once you get the hang of it. Practice without the dog (or with the dog staying at your feet until the disc lands)...a bad throw could lead to injury.

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Thanks again.


I don't think I will have any trouble transitioning. I play Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, so I know how to throw various Frisbees. Hopefully Kenzie won't have too much trouble either.


Can't wait for the discs to arrive and start practicing with them!

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Yeah, you should do great! You'll probably really like the comp. discs. You may need to keep a towel handy...they can get slippery with slobber. :) Just keep in mind while throwing in Distance/Accuracy competitions, there is strategy to it as well as accurate throws/catches. The farther you throw, the more distance your dog has to cover for both the catch and return. Unless you have a dog with a super fast return, you are probably better off aiming for Zones 2 and 3 and getting in more throws, than going long for the end zone and having less (but higher scoring) throws.

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