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  1. She doesn't spend too much time outside running on concrete, maybe 15-30 minutes. My BC is a fetch maniac, so she doesn't even realize that she is helping herself file her own nails.
  2. It may not be what you asked for, but I have not trimmed my BC's nails since she was a pup. All I do is play with her in our front yard on the concrete. She trims down her own nails as we play. It might be one option if you can't actually trim the nails.
  3. I have been noticing that my BC's fur has been getting long, especially belly and hind legs. I have never cut her fur before so I was thinking of having a Mobile Grooming service come out for bath and cut. Do you/have you ever cut the hair on your BC? Is it something that should really be done? Thanks!
  4. I bought my leash and collar from Leerburg (http://leerburg.com/leathercollars.htm). Quality and pricing are both good.
  5. Moorpark is about 70 miles from me. I would drive that far for competitions, but not for training.
  6. Unfortunately, there are not that many clubs/trainers that i can find in my area. I have some feelers out right now about a few, so only time can tell right now.
  7. Realized early this morning that I forgot to say my location. I am in Orange County, California. I will look into the websites provided to look for local trials. Thanks!
  8. I am sorry if this has been asked over and over, but is there a website that is available to find Agility classes and/or trainers? I have looked online and I have not been able to find much (I may just be terrible at looking things up online though). Thanks in advance for any help provided!
  9. When we go for walks, she will get nervous when people are walking up to us on the same side of the street. She will want to get away from them (pulls off to the side) and she tucks her tail. When she meets new people at the house, she will usually hide behind the couch and not come out until they have left the room. After a while she may come out and start "observing" the strangers. She does eventually warm up to most people and stop hiding. Gloria, Kenzie sounds an awful lot like Gael. She does not like going to stores, I am assuming, because of all of the hustle and bustle of the people.
  10. My border collie, Kenzie, is almost a year and a half and has terrible Nervous Issues. She is nervous around new people and won't go near them. She gets really nervous when we are walking alongside a busy street (cars and people). But generally it is mainly around new people that she gets super nervous. She is not nervous around dogs at all. She is usually good with the owners of the dogs as well, as long as the dogs are near. I have been socializing her since she was a puppy, but it doesn't seem to be really helping. Do you guys have any advice on what I can do to help her through this? Thanks!
  11. I am looking to move into a new place that has all hardwood floors. My BC slips on the kitchen tile that I have now when she runs or tries to take a corner too tight. How do you thunk she will do with all hardwood floors? Is it something that she just has t get used to? Thanks!
  12. I haven't actually looked into the rules or how competitions actually work yet. Where can i find the Rules and Regulations for the Tournaments?
  13. I got this one (http://leerburg.com/flatleathercollar.htm) a few months ago and it has stood the test so far.
  14. Thanks again. I don't think I will have any trouble transitioning. I play Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, so I know how to throw various Frisbees. Hopefully Kenzie won't have too much trouble either. Can't wait for the discs to arrive and start practicing with them!
  15. Thanks! I will have to order a few of each to see which one(s) work best. Currently we are using Fabric Discs to practice with. Would there be a big difference switching to these?
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