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puppy to adult food and amount

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I would say that if he is staying at a good weight on that amount of food then figure out how many calories you are feeding and whatever food you switch him to, feed that amount of calories. Adjust as needed. I feed All Life Stages foods for life, which is just another name for puppy food. Even my almost 12 year old is on an ALS food.

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It's impossible to specify how much food your dog needs. No two dogs require the same amount of food. My six-month-old puppy (25 lb) eats almost exactly the same amount of food as my 43-pound adult dog (and yes, they have similar levels of activity).


You have to monitor each dog for body condition. You can't judge based on the bag instructions (they want you to overfeed dogs). Keep them thin! A roly-poly puppy is an unhealthy puppy, at risk of joint injury.


With my older dog, the breeder recommended I switch him to adult food by 4 months of age. The younger dog's breeder suggested I never feed puppy food, only adult kibble.

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