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New border collie magazine out!

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Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know about a new border collie magazine that recently came out. Dog Fancy magazine has a "popular dog series" where they feature one breed and do an entire magazine about it. The border collie is their most recent addition. I was surprised when I heard they were doing this, because I didn't realize that border collies are a popular breed??


Anyway,I bought it and really enjoyed reading it so I wanted to share it with other people that might not know about it. It has some really nice articles about every dog sport that border collies compete in plus a lot of beautiful color photos of border collies doing various sports. I even recognized this lists moderator "Eileen Stein" as someone that is featured in the herding article.


Some pet stores might carry it but more likely if you want to buy it call 1-888-738-2665 or order online http://www.shopanimalnetwork.com/subcatmfg...=206&1=211&2=-1


It cost $9.99 and is 128 pages long.

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Try a search for Working Border Collie Magazine or American Border Collie magazine. They are both excellent magazines and full of great information on border collies.

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