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  1. Thanks to everyone for the hugs, thoughts, prayers and replies. We went ahead and put Bear to sleep on Saturday, August 27th. When we started to walk in, I almost backed out, and then Bear fell (again) trying to make one small step from the parking lot to the sidewalk and we had to pick him up. That is when I knew that it was time. The actual procedure went very smooth and very quick. They were going to give us as much time as we needed, but I told them I just needed to do it quickly, my husband and I were both crying and it was tearing us up to go throught this. My vets office was like a se
  2. Thank you everyone for replying. My vet simply told me "you will know when it is time" Maybe I do know and simply don't want to make that decision. I agree that others have said they waited too long. That happened with my brother and his wife and their 18 year old friend. I just don't want to wait until something happens when I can't get to the vet right away and have to watch him suffer. I believe there is also something else going on with him, maybe small stroke? or dementia? he is not the same dog, and I am not sure he does enjoy life right now. I have decided to make the appt an
  3. MY BC is 14 and his back legs on going out on him almost all the time. We usually have to help him up when he falls. He can get up from laying down, but it takes a lot of effort. He has teeth worn down and now can't eat dry food. He has cataracts and pretty much totally deaf. I think he is in pain because he drools and pants alot. he also will also have a BM in the house and not even realize it (sometimes he has been asleep). he had been the best dog so its hard to see him like this I think it is time to euthanize him, but everytime I start to make the call, I feel selfish when I think o
  4. Thanks Guys, you all have given me some great info! Am going to try a couple of the suggestions. Cicso is a chomper too!! I don't let him chew on them, but after he catches them, Chomp Chomp! Maybe the weather in Kentucky will finally stay warm and dry and we can get some Frisbee throwing in!
  5. Does anyone know where I can get some good Frisbees for my BC Cisco. I have several good ones I got at Walmart several years ago, since then they changed manufacturers and now all they have are cheap ones that he bites through in minutes. I know they make the Nylebone (?sp) kind, but they are pretty expensive (around $10.00 each). You know the good kind they used to make all of the time 20-30 years ago like Hasbro used to make. I don't mind paying $2-3 for one, but I like to have several on hand and it is hard to tell which ones are tough over the Internet. Where do the people get the on
  6. HI everyone, Took my 8(?)year old Bear to the vet's last week for my annual "empty out the old pocketbook time" and he said he was concerned about Bears' back teeth wearing down so much. He wants us to think about root canals for two of them or the other alternative is to pull them. He is afraid they are wore down to the point of going to start getting infections. He told us it could wait for a few months, but we should start thinking of the best alternative. Rough estimate ($450.00 to $500.00 for one tooth. vs. about $200.00 to pull them). Has anyone here had to get their BC a root ca
  7. I have a situation that I am not sure is a good thing or a bad thing. My 7 year old Bear is very obedient and is the dominant male. Cisco who is also a male is almost 3 and they get along fine. Except for one thing, Cisco is alot like a cat in the fact that sometimes he tends to take his time when pottying or just coming in from outside. If I have to call Cisco more than once or use a harsher tone of voice, Bear will go out the door and correct Cisco by growling but really more of a grumble and then he will get behind Cisco to make sure he does what he is supposed to. Most of the time, it wor
  8. Thanks so much for the information on the Border Collie magazine. I have been looking for books or magazines solely for the Border Collie without much luck! I have already logged onto the website and ordered mine!!
  9. I have a 18 month old male Border Collie named Cisco. He is extemely smart (as they all are!) can do commands, Stop, down sit (we are still working on stay!)and many tricks. The only real problem I have is that when we take walks down our road when he sees a car, he immediately goes into a herding mode. Head and neck hunched and sometimes actually walks almost lying down. No matter what commmand I give he will not give me any attention. As soon as the car passes he is fine. He does not try to chase the car, he simply goes into the herding position. He only does this while we are walking on t
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