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Great timing Gláma!


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So last week fall roundup has started, a bit earlier as usual because of a bad weather forecast.

We went on a two day tour on horseback getting sheep from the highland. Went pretty well, very nice weather (a little too warm if anything), no casualties ( ;) ).

But I noticed that Gláma peed a bit frequently, and yes, after coming home I discovered she is starting to get in heat. Great. No farmer castrates his male dogs here, and though the dogs of my neighbors are useless mutts, they still tag along (causing more trouble than anything else).

What a lousy timing, she´ll be in full blown heat in the time of the year we have most work to do in the vicinity of male unaltered dogs, that hardly listen to their owners under the best of circumstances.... :wacko:

Well I was leaning towards a male pup for the next stockdog, but now I am sure.

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