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Chasing shadows?

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Soooo, I have allowed Cash to get into a bad habit of chasing shadows & I realize this needs to be addressed ASAP. I am at a total loss on how to redirect him & give him a job with out any stock to work. I need ways to teach him useful skills that will help him feel useful. I'm trying to teach him to hold things to eventually carry for me but he's not really into that. Urg.

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Flying disks, ball fetching, obedience commands, agility obstacles are a few thoughts. Perhaps try one of those balls that can be filled with kibble, and the dog has to figure out how to roll it to release a little at a time.


Try to initially break the obsession using recalls, so that it does not turn into a compulsive behavior. Have a leash in your pocket or near the door, and be prepared to walk to the dog, snap the leash to his collar, and bring him to where you were standing, in the house, or another room. Anything to distract, or separate him from the shadows. Think of the shadow behavior as an opportunity to train recall in the face of distractions.


IMO management is the key word. I am sure others on the forum will have lots of good ideas. Motion sensitivity is pretty common among border collies, so don't feel alone. I think you are right in wanting to redirect it. -- Best wishes, TEC


ETA: Examples of sports/activities -- Flyball, agility, treibbal, disk, rally, dancing, dock-diving, scent courses.


Examples of useful tasks -- SAR, stockwork, service-dog tasks, sled dog.


I would suggest getting a solid recall to fun activities you can do right on-the-spot to distract your dog from shadow behavior, and concurrently finding available activities/work that may require getting in your car, or joining a group.

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Redirect him - get him to focus on you with training, treats, toys, activity. Teach him manners, obedience, tricks, games, ball play. The problem is that you've let this become a habit and that will be hard to overcome since you can't always be with him. These dogs learn fast. You need to engage his mind and body, and try to do so *before* the behavior begins.


Others will give some better suggestions and good ideas. Best wishes!

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