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Probably pannus

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I have been checking Gláma´s eyes for a couple of weeks now because of a whitish, and recently pinkish spot (tiny bloodvessels visible) in her right eye. I first thought it was a healing cornea scratch, and was not too concerned.


But that is something that should heal quickly, and this spot is slowly progressing. Now today I noticed a similar spot developing in her other eye. According to my vet this makes that it is likely pannus (chronic superficial keratitis, Uberreiter´s disease), common in german shepherds, known in bordercollies.


Treatment is topical seroids, as I understand life long to control it.


I wonder if anyone on the forum has personal experience with this disease. I have no ambition to breed, but I would be interested in heriditary aspects as the working dog world is very small here and it might affect the choice of where my next pup comes from.


Though not curable it seems to be a "controllable" problem, so I am interested what this means exactly, will she be unaffected in her work when treated adequately?

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I had a german shepherd that had pannus. He was diagnosed when he was 6 or so, and was on steroid drops for the rest of his life (he lived to be almost 12).


Initially, he had to have drops 3 times a day, but over time that was stepped down, until eventually it was a once a day thing. He was always so good about putting the drops in, and never gave us a moments trouble. (I've had other dogs that needed eye drops since then, and everyone of them has been really good about it... it never phased any of them).


After the initial round of steroids, the spot on his eye did go down, until eventually it wasn't visible anymore. I never noticed any changes to his vision. He really seemed perfectly fine. For my dog, it was very easily treated/controlled with the drops, and it was more or less hassle free.

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Thanks for your reply, that sounds encouraging. I did some research, and the prognosis of this disease seems to be variable (hope that has something to do with some people not recognizing the problem before the dog has trouble with his vision).

I don´t mind treating her for the rest of her life, if that is what is needed to keep her vision sound. I don´t expect any problems putting drops in her eyes.

Did you use streoids (what kind?) all the time?

I read some people switch to cyclosporine after the initial round of steroids.

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