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  1. I'm going to try and post them here... let me know if it works!
  2. Hi all! A friend of mine is looking to get a border collie pup and I am helping her in her search. She competes mainly in agility, but also does frisbee and dock diving. Just a great overall active home. Anyway, a mutual friend of ours recently notified her about a litter that is on the ground now (6 weeks old). I've looked at their pedigrees (ABCA), but I don't see much that I recognize. Would anyone be willing to take a look for me? She also has a possibility of getting a pup out of a Ron Enzeroth litter. I'm trying to encourage that as much as I can... the dam is momma to my own BC, and it should be a fantastic litter of pups. Thanks for any help! Best, Danielle
  3. Update - Gravy is HOME! Her breeder sent her mama to Georgia to help in the search, and 24 hours later, Gravy is safe at home. Such good news!!
  4. All, A friend of mine has lost her 7 month old pup in Fairburn, GA. Female, b/w medium coat, classically marked, slim, answers to "Gravy." The dog is not microchipped. She has a Facebook group set up here: https://www.facebook...ndgravy?fref=nf I'm posting here in the hopes that someone in the area or in a rescue will see this dog, and we can get her home! Best, Danielle
  5. All, A friend of mine has lost her 7 month old pup in Fairburn, GA. Female, b/w medium coat, classically marked, slim, answers to "Gravy." The dog is not microchipped. She has a Facebook group set up here: https://www.facebook.com/helpfindgravy?fref=nf I'm posting here in the hopes that someone in the area or in a rescue will see this dog, and we can get her home! Best, Danielle
  6. I went through some serious teeter issues not once, but twice, with Penny (no clue what started the second round of fear...it was sudden and strange). Anyway, what worked for us was going through the Sizzling Seesaws exercises, lots of play, and sardines. Lots of sardines. Sizzling Seesaws is especially nice if you don't have access to an adjustable teeter.... You use different height tables to adjust the amount of drop the dogs experience. I also bought some inflatable balance discs and trained with those to help make being on unstable surfaces more fun. That definitely helped. Bonus: improved core strength! Most important for us: I kept teeter sessions really short and REALLY upbeat. We would start with some intense tugging, and I'd throw in asking for teeters randomly. If she didn't get it, or jumped off, or shied away, it didn't matter. I kept my energy UP and I kept playing. It was important to my mindset to remember that I was 'asking' for a teeter performance, not demanding it. If she didn't give me one, that was fine. We were still going to play, and I wasn't going to fuss. I think it took a lot of pressureOff of her. I was out of breath at the end of every session, and she loved it.
  7. Hi! First off, I think you are asking a lot of great questions, and good for you for thinking this through so carefully! Border collies are fun dogs... Smarter than your average dog, and quirkier for sure....but at the end od the day, they are still dogs, so don't be too worried about all the horror stories. Re: breeders.... There are plenty of good ones in Texas! Good place to start is here: http://www.texassheepdogassoc.org.
  8. Agility is SO MUCH FUN! You can't (shouldn't) train obstacles until dogs are over a year old, but there is so much fun foundation work to do in the meantime. And plenty of things to practice with cones, tunnels, jump wings, etc. really, you can get all your handling tarted long before you ask a dog to jump or climb up an a-frame. I definitely encourage you to give it a try. It's a fun sport, and easy to get hooked on!
  9. My penny was 20.5" tall... But she was nothing but legs and only weighed 33.5 lbs. my little Wren is 25.5 lbs at 7 months.... Roughly 17" tall.... But we will see where she ends up.
  10. I like root beers method for measuring height.... I've done something similar to measure my guys. It works reasonably well. As far as the size of border collies in general....there is such a range! I've seen everything from 25-60 lbs.... And 16-24inches.... So depending on how big the BC is in your dogs background, that could make a big difference in final size.
  11. Bummer. It was neat to see a video of a celebrity with something other than a dog in a tote bag...
  12. I just ran across this video, and thought it was too good not to share. Who knew David Lee Roth trained in herding?! http://ultimateclassicrock.com/david-lee-roth-shows-off-his-herding-dogs-in-new-video/?trackback=fbshare_mobile
  13. I've had people tell me that Anja must be part fox (yes, I know it's not possible). We call her lots of things.... Maybe fox collie should be one of them.
  14. Olivia - please let us know how it goes making the Himalayan chews! My guys go nuts for them, but they are not cheap!
  15. I know a lot of people use them successfully.... But I had a dog break a tooth on one, too. My brother gives them to his GSD, and he seems strong enough to deal with them safely... But for my small guys (a bc and a Sheltie mix), I avoid antlers.
  16. I just want to chime in and say OMG FRECKLES!!!! They are awful cute! And kudos to you for doing your research!
  17. Interesting that you know so many people that have the same issue with fetch and their border collies.... I wouldn't have considered that a problem at all, based on my ow sample set.... Anyway... I just taught my young pup to retrieve, so I thought I'd share... You said that you used tug, but you didn't mention exactly how you used it in your fetch training.... I do something like this: throw the ball, dogs runs after the ball and grabs it. Meanwhile, I have a different toy in hand, ready to go. Once she has the ball, I call her and make a fuss about the other toy I'm holding. She runs back to me and we play. Sometimes she remembers to bring the ball back, but at first she often drops it. No big deal. We play, I go get the ball, we repeat. I also encourage her to come with me when she already has a toy in her mouth. Whenever she does this, I make a big deal of it, and we have an awesome play session. If she grabs a toy and runs off with it, I grab a different toy and start "playing" with it myself. That always works to get her attention... She wants to be where the fun is at. Using games like this, it only took Wren a week or so to figure out that playing with me was even more fun than playing alone. And from there it was a short step to bringing me the ball or toy so we could play together... I would add that 5-10 minutes of straight fetching (if he's running full out) is actually pretty intense.... He probably needs to take a bit of a break, which might lead to the sniffing....
  18. Good morning and happy new year! I thought you all might like an update on my little Wren-ful. She's been with us almost a month, and it's been so fun. She's had a lot to take in and learn, and I've been very impressed by her so far. She's been learning the ropes and fitting in well with us... She's a super cuddler, and she's starting to show us more and more of energetic, mischievous side. Fun story: the Saturday before Christmas, I'm out picking up the yard, getting things ready for the dog sitter so I can leave town the next morning.... And I look up to see Wren 7 feet up in the air, in a tree....apparently she was just exploring around and thought "hey, I wonder what's up there?" And suddenly found herself in a tree. Thankfully I was able to get her down, and then I put plastic lawn furniture on the tree (picture attached) to block her from trying a similar stunt. (She was on the limb to the right of the wind chimes... Way up high!) Hey, at least she's not afraid of heights... Should take at least one issue out of dog walk training for agility.... She's learning lots of tricks, too. I'll make a video soon to post. Learning tricks and shaping behaviors was all very new to her, but she's taken to it readily and we are having lots of fun. So, in short, she's sweet and smart and silly and full of mischief.... Everything you want a puppy to be.
  19. Brookitar - first I just want to say that I totally sympathize with you. This can be such a frustrating issue to deal with! My Sheltie mix has spay incontinence (first started consistently showing symptoms about 3.5 years ago), and it took a while to figure out a good option for her. If your dog does have spay incontinence, you should be noticing inappropriate peeing mostly when she is asleep (as in, she'll wake up in a puddle). If she's peeing while she's awake, it most likely isn't spay incontinence, but could be a uti or a behavioral issue. It does sound like you might need a new vet. I see that you are in Texas... I'm in Austin, and if you are around here, I can help you with some recommendations. If you are elsewhere in Texas, I can network through my agility contacts to get a recommendation for you. For my girl, i tried some herbal treatments first (my vet uses conventional western medicine, Chinese herbs, and accupuncture in her practice). What has been working for us is a daily dose of corn silk (you can buy it In capsule form). Anja has been on corn silk for about three years now, and she's been leak free for as long. It's worked awesomely for us! Before we got everything under control, I did notice that a strenuous workout would make her more prone to having a leak... Best of luck, and hang in there!
  20. I found my pup! Thank you all for the advice and suggestions (both in this thread and through PMs). I ended up driving out to Herbert Holmes' place to meet the 5 month old pup he had... Honestly, when I drove out there, I didn't think I'd be bringing her home... Thought I was going out there just to visit... But I sat down, she climbed in my lap, and it was game over. Her name is Wren, she'll be 6 months on Sunday, and she's a total sweetheart. She's adjusting to city life, and definitely has a lot to learn. It's so fun, though, watching her figure things out and open up to us. And, she cuddles like a pro. If there is one thing we really needed in our lives right now, it was a sweet, snugly puppy. Bonus: look at those freckles!
  21. All, thank you for your input. I am emailing with Herbert about that pup he has... hopefully I'll be able to get out and see her before she gets snatched up by someone. She is cute. I am in contact with a rescue (Border Collie Rescue Texas), and they are looking out for me. Penny came from that rescue, and her foster mom knows what I am looking for... So, we will see if anything turns up via that route. I am definitely open to getting a rescue dog, I know they can be super, I've had rescues literally my entire life, but I am going to be picky about a couple of things (age: less than 6 months, and sex: female). Beyond that, there's all the things I'll look for that will make an awesome agility dog: happiness, resiliency, playfulness, nicely put together, willingness to work, and that certain something that tells me that a dog is capable of ruling the world. you know, the usual. =)
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