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I live in North Carolina and am looking to get involved more with frisbee. My husband, dog and I attend a begining agility class but he just really prefers frisbee (both husband and dog). We did a search and the closest place to Charlotte is an hour and a half away. Does anyone have any suggestions on videos, books, etc to help us learn more about dogs and frisbee?


He has the basic catch and return the frisbee down pat. He is almost 7 months old so we just want to keep it pretty easy until he gets a bit older.

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http://www.skyhoundz.com and http://www.iddha.com have lots of material available. You can also do a search on a general book web site like Barnes and Noble and should be able to find some very basic info. If you go to a brick-and-mortar book store, there's a book out that actually is bundled with a Frisbee. I don't think it's a fastback disc, though - that would be well worth it.




Brook Cove Farm, NC

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Try this video: http://www.skyhoundz.com/cgi-bin/shopper.c...tion&key=VIDEO1


Also highly recommend the competition videos - I watched and re-watched the 01 championships several times because I couldn't believe the air-time of one of the dogs.


7 months is really young, so don't try the vaults and big-air tricks like flips until your pup is at least 18 months old!



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