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More urine leaking problems


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I have a neutered boy who will turn 11 in August. A little back history... He has had a history of prostate problems as a young boy, prostate infections that needed long courses of antibiotics and were very, very difficult to get rid of and caused him a lot of pain. He was neutered late at 7 and that helped the prostate issue a lot. However, while dealing with the prostate issue he was also prone to getting UTIs which were also fairly difficult to treat, needing long courses of antibiotics.


We just finished dealing with a bad UTI that had him utterly miserable and he is clear of it.


He has developed new symptoms though of leaking urine. He doesn't seem to notice he is doing it. There will be little trails of urine through the bedroom or house at night or a puddle under where he was standing while I am fixing their breakfast. I've also noticed just random drops of urine around constantly and some mornings his bed will have a pee spot on it.


My old girl has some incontinence and responds well to Proin. I've heard that some male dogs will respond to it as well but not nearly as many. I have a call into my vet to get him in but we have been working on this leaking for a little while now and I thought I'd see if anyone here had any suggestions.



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I'd at least try it. Can't really hurt. Poor old guys. I hate it when this happens. My old girl is losing the feelings in her rear. Poop keeps plopping out. But it's hard and I can just pick it up! If I don't Faye eats it so she keeps me on my toes!


How bout a belly band so you don't end up with pee everywhere? I tried Crating Raven but she freaked out in the crate. So picking up poop it is.

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