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Get your inscribed copy of Donald McCaig's newest book

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Just a reminder if you want your own (or a copy for a gift) of Donald's new book, autographed or inscribed, you can purchase one at the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial (check with me at the White House, where I will have copies for sale, and for times when Donald will be available to sign/inscribe for you).


Thanks to Donald's generosity, a sizeable portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Bluegrass, which will be held at Masterson Station Park, Lexington KY, May 15-19.


If you are not familiar with sheepdog trialing or with the Bluegrass, this trial is in its 52nd running this year, and is not only one of North America's oldest stockdog trials but also one of the largest (if not the largest) and one of the most prestigious. A short list of winning and high-placing handlers reads like a "Who's Who" of North American stockdog trialing - Alasdair MacRae, Tricia MacRae, Scott Glen, Tommy Wilson, Lyle Lad, Roy Taber, Bruce Fogt, Linda Fogt, and top trialers from the US and Canada. Several members here have run in the Bluegrass - Christine Koval, Denise Wall, Robin French, and Julie Poudrier. It is truly a national-quality trial.


And for those who won't be at the trial but still want a personalized copy, please email me with your request and to get the total cost for your order including shipping. I will need to receive checks by May 8th in order to cash them before I leave for the trial. I will also have to have your request for your inscription before I leave for KY because I will not have regular internet access while I am there.


The books have been selling nicely so far and, if you want a copy, I hope to hear from you soon so that I can arrange for one (or more) for you.

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As for Donald's book, his several books dealing with the working sheepdog or Border Collie, are instant classics - novels (like Nop's Trials and Nop's Hope); memoirs that delve into sheepdog culture (Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men; A Good Dog; An American Homeplace); sheepdog politics (The Dog Wars). And now, Mr. and Mrs. Dog, about Donald's travels throughout North American and across the pond to compete in the World Trial with Luke and June.


His writing is witty, insightful, enticing - and always in support of the working-bred dog and its amazing characteristics. His books offer a sharp look into the history, culture, politics, sport of trialing, and everyday usefulness of one of the world's greatest animals ever evolved in partnership with men (and women).

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It is not too late to plan on getting your own, personally signed and/or inscribed copy of Donald McCaig's "Mr and Mrs Dog, Our Travels, Trials, Adventures, and Epiphanies" through the Bluegrass Classic SDT - and you will be supporting the Bluegrass when you do!


We are still accepting reservations for copies to be picked up at the trial (at the White House) and may still be able to accept your reservation for a copy to be shipped to you after the trial if you can give me your order and send your payment in on time.


The cost is $23 per book, plus shipping (if you are not picking it up at the trial) of $3 for Media mail, $6 for Priority, and $7 for UPS.


PM me for more information or send me an email.

Sue Rayburn

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For those who have pre-ordered, I will be shipping about May 22nd if you paid and arranged for shipping. I will have your copy available at the White House if you arranged for pickup at the trial (Julie, I will have one for you and it willl be ready for you to pick up any time you can get to the White House, since I'm assigned there for the duration).


If you haven't ordered one and want one held for you (and signed, if you'd like that), let me know by email preferably at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com.


This is a chance to get an enjoyable book and support a venerable trial at the same time.

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Our Bluegrass fundraiser book sales were a resounding success, thanks to Donald and to all who pre-purchased or bought his books at the trial. For those of you who pre-purchased books to be shipped, I am sending them out today.


I have one last signed copy of Donald's new book, Mr. and Mrs. Dog, available for $23 plus $3 Media mail shipping. I also have one copy (unsigned) of his book, A Useful Dog, for $15 plus $3 Media mail shipping (or $4 Media mail shipping if you buy both).


Again, a big "thank you" to all who helped in so many ways, but particularly those who made the books sales such a successful fundraising effort!

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"Only a Dog", pp. 173-176. Each time I pick up the book again, I feel as though I've entered a continuous loop. It draws.


That is what I call a fine piece of writing.



ETA: And it's NOT that I "just like to get stoned". I swear. :P

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