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Great dog for committed person - pb BC female, TX

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I am asking for help for a little dog that came to me as a supposed foster. She was picked up as a stray but it became apparent very quickly that she can not go through an adoption program due to barrier aggression issues as well as showing aggression towards strangers.

I have owned dogs for many years, I am not a professional, I am not worried about her. Her and me settled our differences in the first two days. If I can get that done...then others with much more time and dedication to serious training should really have no problem.

She has come a long ways in her reactivity as well as her dog aggression. But she is not 100%. With her, the other dog plays as much into it as anything.

She has lived with me and my crew for a while now. Two years during which I have made attempts to find help or a home but it was not as urgent as it is now. I have kept her safe and out of trouble. She has never bit, but if put in the wrong environment, I believe she could. I trust her 100% with me. She is easy for me to control.

I am asking for help in finding her a new home.

Her other options have been discussed with many. And I will admit that I truly adore this dog.

On the good side...she is totally committed to me. She is good around stock as in does not bother it. She is a retrieving fool. Very good in the house. Good with cats.

I have to believe that she would make a great companion for the right person. This is a bit of a last ditch effort to be totally honest. I can not do her justice at this point and I am not willing to give up without one more attempt.

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