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Hot News!! USBCHA Cattledog Finals

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News Flash!!!


Attention Qualified Handlers!!

Thad Fleming, local cattledog committee chairman has announced that the local committee will be putting up $5,000.00 in added money to the prize purse!! This is great news for all those competing at the 2013 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals!!

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There have been a combination of sponsorships secured by the local committee and Thad that has allowed this to happen, including a donation of the cattle feed, trucking for the cattle and other numerous planned expenses that have been picked up by the local community.

The community is really embracing the Cattledog Finals in a way that far surpasses community involvement the previous years that I have been involved with helping out with the finals.

Next week we should be able to have a list of entered handlers/dogs along with a new list of sponsors and advertisers.


We are posting updates on the USBCHA National Cattledog Finals webpage, www.nationalcattledogfinals.com

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For anyone who would like to help support the National Cattledog Finals by being part of a group sponsorship, I've got one started. Last year, we were able to raise two full sponsorships, with individuals each contributing just $25 each, to make a total of $250.


Times are tough for many of us, and that's understood, but if you would like to be part of supporting the 2013 National Cattledog Finals, PM me here, email me through these boards (better yet), or send me an email if you have my address.


Whether the money comes from deep pockets or shallow pockets, it all adds up to help make a 2013 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals that we all can be proud of!

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