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2013 USBCHA Cattledog Finals

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The 2013 USBCHA Nat’l Cattledog Finals is right around the corner, Entries are due April 1st !!! You can find the entry form on the USBCHA website at http://usbcha.com/assoc/forms/national_cattle_entry_form.pdf


Each year as a fundraiser Handler/Dog sponsorships are available for $125.00. Group sponsorships and sponsorships in memory of handlers and/or dogs are welcome. Each sponsor will receive:



 Name listed on 2013 National Finals Website (www.nationalcattledogfinals.com)

 Name listed on Running Order next to your team on 2013 National Cattledog Finals Trial Program

 A picture of you with your handler/dog team



The sponsorship form can be found at the www.nationalcattledogfinals.com website or by following this link http://nationalcattledogfinals.com/Dog_Sponsorship.pdf


News, updates and other sponsorship and advertising opportunities are also available at the website or visit us on Facebook 2013 National Cattledog Finals.

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I am more than happy to coordinate group sponsorships for these Finals. Please PM me or (better yet) email me via my profile page. Five people at $25 each will sponsor a handler/dog team.

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Dogs that run in Finals provide a large part of the good genetics for the next generation. Finals allow people to see dogs of merit that they wouldn't see otherwise, so they can widen their breeding choices and make wise decisions.


Please help support the Finals - group sponsorship is an excellent way to show your support of the working-bred dog when you are not able to provide an entire sponsorship.


Thanks to those who have already responded, and you know who you are!

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