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Hi All,


I am posting on behalf of a friend who recently adopted an 11 month old BC/GRD who seems to be more BC. I haven't met said dog as they live far away so I'm going by what she is telling me. The dog is still new to the home less than 6 months I believe so the adjustment period for everyone is still underway. From what she tells me the pup seems more BC than GRD (super agile, smartest dog she's ever had, boundless energy, etc). She grew up with GRD's and says this dog is nothing like a GRD she every had/met.


I received a message from her today that she took the dog to a pet chain for some nail grooming and when they got home she wouldn't/couldn't stop shaking, whining, pacing and carrying on with her favorite stuffy. They pulled her crate into their bedroom for the night and a little after lights out she settled and seems to be fine now. I am not sure if they left her there for a time period and came back or if they waited while her nails were done. I do my own dogs nails so I'm not sure what could have/does go on at these places when it comes to grooming.


I do know she is in a good home, both fur parents are pilots so someone is always home and my friend is home 18-20 days a month and when is on a trip her husband is home.


Sorry for the novel and yes I'll try to get some pics :)

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I highly doubt they left her there and came back just for a nail trim. That sounds strange. A nail trim with an experienced person should take no more than 2 minutes, as long as the dog is not throwing a huge fit.


Did you ask her how the dog is for nail trims? Just that experience alone could have freaked her out if she is not used to it. I would suggest giving them advice on how to do the nails at home.

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