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Away is always right.

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Keeva is 16 months and has been on sheep since October. When we started her away was always right to the sheep. Most times the sheep were in the same area on the 60 acres and her outrun was to the right.


Always finds them and drives them to me. There are days when I don't see the sheep so she works independently.


But recently with the snow cover I see the sheep. They are so much closer if Keeva were to go left. Would save her time and energy I think.


Here's the problem. When not on sheep we are also doing search and rescue(because of 20 inches of snow cover) and I point if she is unable to find the object.


If I point to the left she will start that way then cross over to the right.


I also don't think I should point. We are working on left and right commands.


Does this matter?

Thank You

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You are describing a one sided dog, with whom you are indulging her most joyous natural inclination by continuing to let her go right, instead of mixing it up and making her go left. Since it has gone on for while, you will have your work cut out for you demanding a left cast.

Yes it is bad that she crosses over. Crossing over is always dreadful. Never let a crosser get on with the job.

Of course you shouldn't point, but neither should your dog look at you as it sets off for sheep. It should be looking at its sheep. This is the classic point where an obedience raised dog, trained to eye ball every move of its hand, is suddenly asked to look elsewhere, violating all its ideas of modus vivendi to date. You are presented with a couple of problems to solve, if you wish to get on with sheep work. Your dog has to stop looking at you in the presence of sheep. You have to free it up and encourage her to watch the livestock. Never send your dog from a distance, going left. Get yourself very close to the sheep and force her to the left. As she learns to accept left flanks, you can stretch this out little by little. Her brain will be struggling, so only work in this a little bit every day, five minutes. Build on small successes. Break it up with freer work to the right, where she can succeed.

Sixteen months is young, so you can fix this. But don't let it go any further.

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Thank You.


We worked this weekend and I walked(hiked out to the sheep) and "Yelled" left and she looked at me as if she was puzzeled and moved right, I yelled left again and she went to the left and lifted the sheep.


She did this once.


I was happy :rolleyes:

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