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Video of 2 dogs seeing cattle

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I took this video of 2 young dogs seeing cattle for the first time. Do you think it would be worth it with either one to try herding and see what they think of it? I've never done any herding as Hannah never really showed any interest aside from wanting to eat sheep poop. The red/white dog is about 10 months old and the merle one is almost 2. They are aussie and border collie.



Hopefully that link works...

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Hi there! :)


For years my hubby and I had a pair of BC/Aussie-cross sisters as our cow dogs. They were such characters and good "hands."


It's hard to tell from your video if they have actual herding instinct, as chasing on a fence is just play/prey drive. But I'd recommend taking them to a stockdog trainer and having them tested properly. There are a couple good trainers up in BC, I'm just going blank on any names ... Hopefully someone else here will remember! :P


~ Gloria

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I agree with Gloria. When taken to a trainer the red dog should be taken to the stock without another dog there, I think, since she/he? is running after the merle only in the video.

The proof oft the stockdog is in the stockwork :D , you have to see how they work and give them time too. to get their braincells working. Also going a couple of times changes things a great deal sometimes.



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I took several other video's mainly of the merle (my dog). She kept trying to go to the cow's head's if they were close to the fence and if they got too close to her she would snap at their faces. My boss (a vet and also the owner of the cows/ranch) said he thought she would be a header...but I have no clue what that means. The red and white is his dog.


This is another video. There were 2 cows in the chute that you can't really see. There was a calf (the one she chases) that kept going in the chute to try and get where its mom was.


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I found the video I took that actually made me interested in seeing what she'd do on stock. Its actually of her chasing a remote control helicopter my husband has last summer. He played with it with his aussie who just barks and chases it non stop, and if he catches it he runs away with it. Tess will chase it but as soon as it stops moving she lays down and stares at it, or if it gets too close to us, or goes certain ways on the field. The video was taken on my old phone so is kind of crappy, but the movements she does is what was making me think of trying her on stock.



edit - for some reason it won't show the video...

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