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Kindle Request Re: Nop's Trials


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If the author doesn't mind (I cannot send a private request)... Would the folks on this board be kind enough to go to Amazon.com and click the link to request that Nop's Trials be made available on Kindle? I apologize in advance if the author does mind.


I've requested this from my Kindle account, but it will take a few people to express interest before the publisher takes note. I've done this before for a new author friend, so I know it doesn't take all that many (she was unknown).


Thanks to anyone who would take the time. I would really like to read this on Kindle.


Here is the link. The request is on the right side, about mid-page. http://www.amazon.co...54899837&sr=1-3

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Dear Readers,


Publishers are having conniptions about electronic rights because nobody knows what's a fair distribution and everybody figures - rightly I think - that what's decided now will be decided forever (see free play of recorded songs on radio).


Please do make this request. They'll move faster if somebody cares.



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