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I was wondering if we could start some talk on frisbee tricks and routines that we do with our dogs.

My Roxy is just about a year old. She's doing some amazing stuff with the frisbee. Long Distance she can catch up to it at about 70 yards. I think thats about as far as I can throw a Fastback on a good day. We do a lot of other fun stuff like this football routine where I play QB, she runs through my legs and runs a 10 yard down & accross, I roll out and hit her with a pass.


I'm hoping to find someone that knows how to teach more advanced routines where you see the dog do jumps off your back...or any other fun stuff.


Let me know


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Wish I could help you out... Basically I SUCK at frisbee. I always said that my dog would be much better if I could throw the darn thing. I'm not horrible mind you, but when I go to the park, there's inevitably some guy who wants to throw it for my girl, and the thing soars. I'm not a wimp, I've been taught, I just suck. That and my frisbee loving dog is dysplastic. She's good though, never misses, just waits for them to come down to her level. My pup is like the gym class nerd, snaps her jaw, brings her paws together and the frisbee falls through. Oh well, you can't be good at everything. wink.gif

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