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"Take Time!" Video by H. Glyn Jones


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Recently took another look at "Take Time!" DVD video by H. Glyn Jones (former International Supreme Champion), with Eric Halsall's commentary (well known author and sheep dog herding commentator, deceased). A video which runs 55 minutes, it is published by Old Pond Publishing, Ipwich, UK, 2002.


Video follows Jones' training of Donna, a full time shepherdess, and Marion, a week-end sheep dog enthusiast, at his place in the Welsh countryside. Both students appeared interested in trialling their dogs. Training is complemented with sheep shearing scenes and horse drawn cart ride.


Excellent camera work and quality final product. Good deal of voice-over narration, stop-action, black-board diagram, and graphics are traced over actual video to demonstrate preferred lines.


Various common handling/dog mistakes are shown, discussed and corrected, such as: under-flanking at lift, off-line fetches, wobbly wrap around post, shallow flanks, poor reading of sheep, to name a few. Jones' instruction is direct/straight-forward, but always in good humor (humour, Brit.).


Both dogs improve impressively. Good lessons on pen-work. Video concludes with each student simulating portions of a trial course.


Recommend locating a friend's copy to watch and learn, or adding it to a video library. -- TEC

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We have the three video set at the public library system where I am employed. Purchasing them was a conspiracy between me and my boss at the time (now retired) who is also a herding dog enthusiast. I enjoy watching them and picking up bits of information from them, but I think most of all, I enjoy Eric Halsall shown watching the proceedings, wearing his "Sherlock Holmes" style cap and puffing on his pipe. I almost expect him to say "Elementary, my dear Watson!"

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