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Hey folks, my BC is an amazing young girl that is smart as a whip and loves, I mean LOVES, playing Frisbee but she isn't consistent. She does a few things just fine, I tell her get around and she goes around my left leg until I say go!' Then she flies out. She catches 80‰ of what I throw (I am working on getting better at throwing) but then the inconsistency kicks in. Half the time she brings it right back and sometimes she will play with it before bringing it to me. She throws it in the air and catches it our she will push it around on the grass for a while then bring it to me. I have tried calling, running away, offering treats.. I want to compete with her but with only one minute to throw and she can play with it for a minute easily.. you see my issue?

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How old is she? When you're calling her and offering treats and stuff all you're doing is letting her know that it's ok for her to play with it until she's ready. If she doesn't bring it back go take it from her an stop throwin it for a minute or two. Lots of praise when she brings it to you. If she's young though let her play an have fun.

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Alot depends on your BC's age. Bringing the frisbee back everytime comes with maturity. My girl is a year and brings it back everytime. At 9 months not so much. Inconsistant as u said.


As far as competition goes in US dog must be 18months to compete.


Best exercise to bring the frisbee back is with a bunch of other dogs around if your dog goes for the frisbee and brings it to you. That is a good way to start.

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Not addressing the age since it has been done.

Maybe try keeping your sessions shorter. Quit while she is still engaged. Also ups with age automatically.

Take two frisbees instead of treats and only throw the second when she brings the first to an appropriate ( u get to determine that based on the level of understanding that your dog has of "the game" based on training, condition, age, your throwing etc.) spot.

Also, if your throwing is inconsistent, 80% is not bad!

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