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Aww thanks guys....I just love all of her! Laura if we had Faye and Meg standing next to each other it'd be hard to tell them apart cept for Meg's white! Was Meg a slow starter? Faye is so ready but not ready for pressure. So we wait.....tick tick tick drives us both crazy!

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That makes me feel better. She is so wanting to go but any pressure and she's down. Lots of eye isn't helping either. I was thinking about sending her somewhere this Nov. as I'll be out of town alot but maybe I should wait cause she'll only be 10 months old. Was thinking about letting her breeder take her as he's got a sister with more eye than her. But don't want to waste our time away if she's not ready.


18 months...blaaahhhh.... wait wait wait! we want it now! :)

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Yep intense is a word you could use! But sometimes it's intensly goofy! When we walk the property +/- 16 acres or so the other dogs stay pretty close to me. She is zipping around the whole property at more than light speed, looking for sheep, chickens, or whatever else she can find. She's worn out when we get back! Sometimes I worry that she's gonna get stuck on something (like flies or dancing shadows) but she'll ponder these things for a while then move on. She amazes me everyday!

Yep....Meg and Faye must be cyber sisters!


this is her found the sheep pose!


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Thanks for all the replys guys, but I just noticed that this in not in the gallery. Could the powers that be please move this to the proper gallery section?

I'll be more careful next time and check before hitting post!

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