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In Memory Donations?

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Hi there!


First time poster, long time lurker with a question.


Friends just lost the last of the original generation of their border collies. I'm looking for a place to do a memorial donation. All of them herding in some capacity in their youth and were working-bred to the best of my knowledge.


Any suggestions on organizations to donate to?

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I'd suggest any reputable Border Collie rescue.


When Maddie died, my friends pooled together and made a donation to Glen Highland Farm in her honor. I got a card, as did those who donated, and it really meant a lot.


I am actually planning to make a donation to them again on the anniversary of the day I lost her, which is coming up. It's something I can do that will make a difference to Border Collies in need of a good home.


And some working bred Border Collies do end up in rescue. Dean (in my avatar) was one of those.

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I also suggest a donation to any reputable BC rescue. A very worthy cause, indeed.


However, if you want something specific to working bred dogs, how about one of the medical studies going on? Like the one on BCC, that's partially funded by ABCA, right? Would donations be accepted?

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You could also provide a sponsorship ($125) for a dog at the USBCHA National Finals. It helps to offset the costs of putting on such a big trial, and you would be supporting the best of the best of the working border collies in this country.


Sponsor a dog running in the finals.


You probably wouldn't want to pick a specific team unless you know someone who's running, but everyone needs a sponsor, so it's a good way to honor the working heritage of your friends' dogs.


I also like the idea of donating money to research: two important ones are the BCC one that's already been mentioned, and the other is this one (studying epilepsy, early onset deafness, and noise phobia). They expect that the research they're conducting will also be applicable to humans.



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