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This am my BC pup and my BC foster were ruff housing and my oth BC was on the couch observing this ridiculous display

I was in a trance watching his eyes and mouth as he sat there. You could just see the brilliance and thoughts churing

I just have to say I love Scully he brings such joy into my life I wish everyone the same feeling


My Border Collie Rocks ......Just being himself


Had to release my happiness thanks for letting me share!

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I feel your joy that you have around your dog. :)


Keeva and I play hide and seek. I hide she seeks.


Last night we went out and had a short walk around the house. Usually she is right behind me or in front. I did'nt see her. Didn't hear her collar jingle.

I stopped. No Keeva. I waited no Keeva. I walked around my organic bed and she pounced out.


She hid I seeked.


How awesome is this? :D

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